Filling in of the import documents

Import – is delivery of goods or services, usually intended for the trading, from the abroad country to another country. The final user of the imported goods is residents or organization of the state, where the goods are imported, meanwhile the seller / the supplier is manufacturers and suppliers of the foreign countries. A Community Customs Code is regulating the import procedures and formalities at customs both in the Europe Union and in the Republic of Lithuania. When importing goods from the third parties it is obligatory to present a set of import documents to the controlling customs establishment.

We can fill in and prepare the documents, which are necessary for the import procedure:

If the client requests we can present a guarantee note for the postponement of import taxes. We can represent the client in the customs under a separate agreement.

The advantages of customs brokerage services provided by VILNIAUS TRANZITAS:
  • We provide customs brokerage services since 1994. Our extensive experience ensures fast, skilled and proper preparation and formalisation of documents related with customs procedures;
  • Cargo arrival and departure documents are completed within one business day;
  • Flexible work schedule (we work on Saturdays, and upon request perishable goods are served on weekends and holidays);
  • Customs and excise warehouses are in accordance with the EU requirements;
  • A favourable strategic location near the Belarus border and close to the main international highways, 0.5 km from Vilnius International Airport;
  • We not only serve the goods transported by road, but also by railway, and in sea containers; In territory of UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas works Vilnius cargo customs post "Kirtimai";
  • Modern infrastructure of our areas includes customs warehouses, excise warehouses, distribution warehouses, 24/7 secured trucks parking and cargo storage sites;
  • Customs brokerage services are insured with civil liability insurance;
  • The quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.

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