Large-sized (heavy) cargo is a cargo with measurements or weight that is bigger than allowed maximum in the country, through which territory it is transported.

Carriage of large-sized and out-sized cargos – the solutions that allow to deliver cargo with dimensions or weight which exceeds the maximum allowed by countries through which it is transported . We offer safe and reliable delivery within 24-48 hours.

Transportation of large cargos with UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’:

  • We investigate the best options for your cargo;

  • We choose and coordinate optimal route, means of transportation, and schedule;

  • We take care of necessary documentation;

  • We coordinate with relevant institutions regarding the transportation of the cargo;

  • The transportation vehicle will be driven by motivated drivers with over 10 years of experience;

  • The movement of cargo is managed with help of modern tracking technologies;

  • Fleet of new modern vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lifts;

  • We take care of reliable cargo insurance.

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VILNIAUS TRANZITAS offered service of large-sized cargos carriage:

  • We can perform a study of opportunities;
  • We select and coordinate an optimal route, vehicles and schedules;
  • We take care of necessary documents;
  • Carriage project is coordinate with corresponding institutions;
  • Vehicles are driven by motivated driver with working experience of over 10 years;
  • Movement of the cargo is supervised by modern management and tracking technologies;
  • New, modern fleet of vehicles. All vehicles included hydraulic lifts;
  • We take care of reliable insurance of the cargo.