UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas provides accurate, fast, and reliable freight distribution services. We deliver cargo, parcels, and packages to any address in Lithuania.

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Local distribution constitutes a large part of our business and we know this area very well. Therefore, we are well equipped to take care of the distribution for your business and delivery of your goods from point A to point B. Everyone will agree that transportation is an important part of business and without out it most of the sales would stop. In Lithuania many businesses trade with each other which means that they require local cargo transportation services. UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ offers highest quality services to all our clients and we can transport your goods from your warehouse directly to your intended recipient.

We also offer complex logistics solutions. Although these are more common in international transportation, we can distribute or reload cargo and we also offer other numerous logistics services.

Cargo delivery is not just the transportation, it includes warehousing, suitable loading and unloading of cargo, accompanied by all the necessary documentation. It is important for the processes to be transparent and safe, only then you can ensure that it will be beneficial to you and your clients.

We are aware of the importance of local distribution in Lithuania and we can offer our service for both small and large cargos as well as cargos that require special care. We are able to combine innovative transportation technologies with effective route planning and warehousing services and thereby ensure that we are able to offer our clients smooth transportation experience and good prices. Your cargo will travel safely with us and will be delivered safely and successfully from the start to its final destination.

Get in touch with us and let us know what services you would be interested in and UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ will take care of the rest.

Distribution process

The process of distribution can both decrease and increase the effectiveness and profitability of a business. A suitable distribution system enables a business to sell its products or services faster and at larger quantities than their competitors. High quality local distribution is important to all industries and markets. Distribution services ensure consistent and smooth movement of goods which means that the transfer of goods is taken care of from its collection to the point of delivery.

Investing into distribution is always a good choice as this is an important aspect of every business and its importance is often overlooked. We know that a high quality effective distribution can increase the profitability of a business and lower the costs of transportation, warehousing and other areas of business as well as improve customer satisfaction.

UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ offers a strategic and high-quality channel of distribution of goods which includes the most optimal solutions. The time it takes for the goods to reach its destination depends on the strategy that is chosen individually for each company. Local distribution also helps to find reliable partners and maintain close connections with other companies.

Factors that affect distribution channels:

  • Storage conditions (wholesale goods are stored in warehouses; retail goods are stored in companies or other dedicated locations);
  • Cost of goods and frequency of sales;
  • Transportation (choice of transport vehicles, routes, and time);
  • Provision of technical maintenance;
  • Purchase power and purchase frequency of goods.


The management team at UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ has the newest computer and software equipment that enables the employees to monitor and analyze the product transportation and transfer. This makes it possible to report difficulties if they occur and resolve the situation quickly and ejectively. We care for our clients and thus we provide report and statistics information on the transportation of goods according to the requirements of our clients.

Why use UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas services?

New technological solutions, automated operational system, and continuous training of our employees enable us to offer you the following:

  • A wide range of professional services: transportation of customised, hazardous, oversized, small and palletized cargo, and door-to-door solutions;
  • Distribution in Lithuania according to the pre-arranged schedule;
  • New, modern vehicle fleet. All vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lifts, there are options for lorries with hard sides or side curtains as well as options for loading from the top ;
  • Urgentdeliveries on the same day;
  • Latest order acceptance time (till 05:00 PM in Vilnius city)
  • Shipping by freight consolidation;
  • Our team of reliable and time-tested partners in Lithuania has been carefully selected over 18 years of work in this sector;
  • Motivated professional drivers with more than 10 years of experience;
  • Modern transport management and trackingtechnologies;
  • Reliable cargo insurance.

International transportation service: JSC „AD REM TRANSPORT“