Warehousing in Vilnius

UAB "Vilniaus Tranzitas" owns a number of class A warehouses in the modern Logistics and Transit Centre in Vilnius.

The Logistics and Transit Centre is strategically located near the Vilnius International Airport, adjacent to the Vilnius – Minsk – Moscow highway and has good access to all major roads. There is a railway siding in the territory of the company that allows us to store and handle multimodal cargo.

Our Logistics and Transit Centre offers our customersdistribution warehouses, customs warehouses, warehouse logistics and ordinary (public) warehouses.

Certain warehouses have plant quarantine and veterinary certificates and are certified by the hygiene centre as suitable for handling food products. They also comply with the requirements of good pharmaceutical distribution practices and have a Wholesale Distribution License.

A suitable warehouse space will be made ready for you quickly and effectively. We are experienced professionals and one of the leaders of logistics industry in Lithuania, thus we can offer exceptional quality warehousing services. Suitable logistics solutions will enable the suppliers, sellers and implementers of logistics solutions to store and transport the goods effectively and at low cost.

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Logistics warehouses

UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ own a number of different type of warehouses. They are all equipped with highest level technologies that are regularly reviewed and updated and all our employees are qualified specialists.In addition to that, the warehouses of UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas have a modern autonomous heating system and cost-effective lighting solutions. Regular temperature and humidity measurements are carried out in the warehouses to ensure that all goods are stored safely in suitable conditions.

UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas warehouses have modern handling equipment – fromhigh reach fork trucks and forklifts to high capacity forklift trucks. Our technical equipment enables us to handle both small and oversized or particularly heavy goods. We are objective and focused on the end goal and simplicity of the processes, thus we do not try to sell services to our clients that they do not need. We have a number of different types of warehouses and thus we are able to find the best solutions and offer services that fit the needs of our customers. UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ will help you find warehousing solutions that work best for you at the best price. Our warehouse can become an intermediary point for your goods (whether that be large or smaller quantities) where they can be stored, sorted, and redistributed as needed at any point. We will advise you on all logistical aspects and will find the optimal solution that works best for you.

Safety in our warehouses

Safety of goods in ourterritory and warehouses is ensured by 24/7 safety guards, access control and a digital video surveillance system. These measures help our warehouses to run smoothly and safely. If you are interested in warehouse services in Vilnius, choosing us would be a great choice!

The warehouses comply with fire safetyand environmental protection regulations and have the operating permits issued by appropriate institutions. We work with clients from various EU and CIS countries as well as other regions. We also have considerable experience in warehousing, transportation, looking after various type and size of cargo, and other logistics services. Our warehouses meet the highest quality and safety standards and thus we can offer our clients the highest quality of service for an attractive price. We use modern technologies in our warehouses that enable us to protect the cargo from external risks and to measure, pack, and distribute them correctly. You will not be disappointed if you choose our warehousing services. Our specialists will help you choose a suitable type of warehouse, will prepare space for usage, and will answer all your questions.

To ensure our responsibility to our customers and carriers, the operations of warehouses are covered by the civil liability insurance.

Why use UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas services?

  • Qualified and experienced staff (providing services since 1994);
  • Well-developed warehouse infrastructure;
  • Logistics activities are covered by civil liability insurance, and all stored products can be additionally insured with cargo insurance;
  • Modern IT solutions and modern handling equipment;
  • The quality system according to ISO 9001:2015;
  • Modern warehouse management system ensures smooth operations in the warehouse;
  • The Logistics and Transit Centre is situated in a strategic location – near Vilnius International Airport, close to the main international highways and only 29 km from the border of Belarus;
  • We handle goods transported by road, railway (railway siding), and in sea containers;
  • Vilnius cargo customs post “Kirtimai” is located in the territory of UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas”;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Extensive range of transportation solutions;
  • The safety of goods in the Logistics and Transit Centre is guaranteed by the 24/7 security guards and a range of passive safety arrangements.

International transportation service: JSC „AD REM TRANSPORT“