UAB "Vilniaus Tranzitas"  plans, implements and manages the logistics system. We have over 20 years of experience in logistics which enables us to find the best solutions for all our customers. Our focus goes beyond Lithuania to the rest of the world, therefore in our work we use a combination of new technical innovations and time-tested reliable solutions to decrease prices and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Based on the logistical needs of each customer, UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas” manages the flows of goods, organizes transportation, and conducts the inventory management. Logistics and Transit Centre performs cargo handling operations, provides warehousing services, order picking, assembling and repackaging of products, prepares necessary documents and parcels for transportation, and organizes the distribution of goods to consignees in Lithuania and and other regions, such as Baltic countries, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.

We perform detailed research of economic and legal factors of various markets which enables us to be a company that can help our clients to manage and organise transportation and other logistical matters in various countries.


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3PL / Contract Logistics is a package of logistics services used by customers of UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas”. Our customers entrust us to take care of their logistics needs and usually we meet their needs and expectations better than other companies Many customers find taking care of all the necessary documentation and processes a source of frustration that can slow down progress and sales. However, the staff in our warehouses are experts who are fully trained to use specialist equipment and various IT technologies to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

3PL is about outsourcing customer’s supply chain elements. UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas” performs it by managing the incoming cargo transportation, customs clearance procedures, warehousing services, order fulfilment, and distribution or delivery to clients of our customers’. Behind every profitable and successful business stands an impeccable logistics system. This starts with choosing suitable warehousing services that involve looking after the goods, management of resources, and tracking the amount of stock available. The services that we offer are a combination of time-tested methods and modern innovations. We are one of the few logistics companies in Vilnius and Lithuania that are able to offer their clients solutions that combine the most effective methods that meet all their needs and technical innovations that allow to offer low cost solutions.

AB “Vilniaus Tranzitas” offers various warehouse management solutions. Specialized computer software is used to perform vendor inventory management; we use Warehouse Management System (WMS) for operations in the warehouse which is based on the barcode and wireless data transmission technology. Each storage location is included in the electronic warehouse map providing the picking and replenishing sequences, which allow optimizing the movement routes of warehouse personnel. All transactions with goods are recorded in real time in the WMS. Flexibility of information exchange between the WMS and the customer enables to automate the flow of data. Interconnection of the WMS and Transport Management System (TMS) enables prompt preparation of shipments for transportation, planning of vehicle routes, control of all logistics’ chains, and to ensure a high quality service to the customer.

What can we offer you?

Lithuania is located in a strategic spot in Europe and hence the transportation and logistics industries have prospered here since 1990 when Lithuania regained independence. Various transit routes go through Lithuania, thus there is a huge demand for warehousing services both among local and international companies. Lithuania is a convenient place for both redistribution points and your own warehouses for unforeseen circumstances. Since Lithuania is at the crossroads of various transit routes, it is a convenient country for development of international trade and transportation. Working with us would enable you to expand your business in this industry and make your mark in the arena of international trade. We have enough space to accommodate even the most ambitious business ideas. UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ always aims to satisfy its customers and we are glad when we can contribute to a fast development of a business by offering great innovative warehousing and logistics solutions.

In the local market, Vilnius is the most important region which is alse where UAB ‘Vilniaus Tranzitas’ is based. Vilnius is where a significant part of the GDP of Lithuania is created. For hundreds of years this city has been an important location of transport routes between Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Belarus. Vilnius is also the biggest city in Lithuania and is also located close to the border with Belarus. As a result of these factors, Vilnius is a great place for investment, it is also a convenient place for redistribution or storage of goods.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss working with us. Our experienced specialists will help you select the most suitable services and solutions for you and attentive warehousing of your wares will ensure smooth work of other parts of the supply chain.

Why UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas services?

  • Qualified and experienced staff (providing services since 1994);
  • Highly developed warehouse infrastructure;
  • Logistics activities are covered by civil liability insurance, and all stored products may be additionally insured with cargo insurance;
  • Modern IT solutions and modern handling equipment;
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015;
  • Modern warehouse management system ensures smooth warehouse operations;
  • Strategic location of Logistics and Transit Centre– near Vilnius International Airport, close to the main international highways and only 29 km from the border of Belarus;
  • Handling of the goods transported by road, railway (railway siding), and sea;
  • Vilnius cargo customs post “Kirtimai” is located in the territory of UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas”
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Extensive range of transportation solutions;
  • The safety of wares in the Logistics and Transit Centre is guaranteed by the 24/7 security guards and a range of passive safety arrangements

International transportation service: JSC „AD REM TRANSPORT“