UAB "Vilniaus Tranzitas" is a supplier of logistics services which performs planning, implementation and control of the supply chain. Based on the logistical needs of each customer, UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas” manages the flows of goods, organizes transportation, and conducts the inventory management. Logistics and Transit Centre performs cargo handling operations, provides warehousing services, order picking, assembling and repackaging of products, prepares necessary documents and parcels for transportation, and organizes the distribution of goods to consignees in Lithuania and neighbouring region – Baltic countries, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan.

3PL / Contract Logistics is a package of logistics service used by customers of UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas”. Our customers entrust us to take care of their logistics needs.

3PL is about outsourcing customer’s supply chain elements. It is performed by UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas” by managing the incoming cargo transportation, customs clearance procedures, warehousing services, order fulfilment, and distribution or delivery to clients of our customers’.

UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas” offers various warehouse management solutions. Specialized computer software is used to succeed in vendor-managed inventory; for operations, the warehouse uses Warehouse Management System (WMS) based on the barcode and wireless data transmission technology. Each storage location is included in the electronic warehouse map providing the picking and replenishing sequences, which allow optimizing the movement routes of warehouse personnel. All transactions with goods are recorded in real time in the WMS. Flexibility of information exchange between the WMS and the customer enables to automate the flow of data. Interconnection of the WMS and Transport Management System (TMS) enables prompt preparation of shipments for transportation, plan vehicle routes, control all logistics chains, and to ensure a high quality of service to the customer.


Why UAB Vilniaus Tranzitas services?
  • Qualified and experienced staff (providing services since 1994);
  • Highly developed warehouse infrastructure;
  • Logistics activities are covered by civil liability insurance, and all stored products may be additionally insured with cargo insurance;
  • Modern IT solutions and modern handling equipment;
  • Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008;
  • Modern warehouse management system ensures fluent operations in warehouse;
  • Strategic location of Logistics and Transit Centre– near Vilnius International Airport, close to the main international highways and only 29 km from the border of Belarus;
  • Handling of the goods transported by road, railway (railway siding), and sea;
  • Vilnius cargo customs post “Kirtimai” located in the territory of UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas”
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Extensive range of transportation solutions;
  • Product safety in the Logistics and Transit Centre is guaranteed by the 24/7 security guards and a range of passive safety arrangements

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