Customs warehouses

VILNIAUS TRANZITAS is providing “A” type customs warehousing services in Vilnius. It is allowed to store at the open warehouses of customs the goods which are produced in the countries that are not members of the European Union, without applying import customs taxes and fees and without application of economical prohibitions and restrictions. This kind of goods can be stored at the customs warehouse by all natural and legal persons and organizations of the Republic of Lithuania, of European Union and from abroad.

Fast servicing of the cargos at customs warehouses of VILNIAUS TRANZITAS ensures shorter delivery time of the small and partial consignments in the supply chain.

We can accept, store and send different types of goods, strong drinks and soft drinks, tobacco products, medical purpose goods, pharmaceuticals, packed food articles, the products of animal origin (both food and non-food products) and other goods from the countries outside the EU.

Additional warehousing services:

  • Unloading, loading and weighting of the goods;
  • Servicing of non-standard and outsized shipments;
  • Long-termed and short-termed storage of the goods at customs warehouse;
  • Marking of the shipments, packing, preparation for transportation;
  • Labelling of informative labels, excise and control marks and other promotional marks, marking of the goods, adding manuals and other printed information into the packages;
  • Excise type warehouses;
  • Picking of orders, sorting and distribution of goods and shipments, tracking of expiry date of the articles;
  • Preparation of customs documents sets for imported, exported goods or goods that are transported by transit, and representation at customs;
  • Provision of customs agent services;
  • Management of orders and accounting of goods’ balance at real time.
The advantages of customs warehouse services provided by VILNIAUS TRANZITAS:
  • Qualified and experienced staff (providing services since 1994);
  • Developed warehouse infrastructure;
  • Logistics activities are covered by civil liability insurance, and all stored products can be additionally insured with cargo insurance;
  • Modern IT solutions and modern handling equipment;
  • The quality system according to ISO 9001:2015;
  • Modern warehouse management system ensures fluent operations in warehouse;
  • The Logistics and Transit Centre is situated in a strategic location – near Vilnius International Airport, close to the main international highways and only 29 km from the border of Belarus;
  • Handling the goods transported by road, railway (railway siding), and in sea containers;
  • Vilnius cargo customs post “Kirtimai” located in the territory of UAB “Vilniaus Tranzitas”;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Extensive range of transportation solutions;
  • Product safety in the Logistics and Transit Centre is guaranteed by the 24/7 security guards and a range of passive safety arrangements.

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